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Social-Impact Staffing Solutions

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Your company succeeds on the strength of your vision, mission, and values, and your ability to implement these aspects.  That's why HueMax uses relational recruiting to attract candidates that reflect what can't be seen but can be evaluated - integrity, perseverance, hard work and accountability.  We help you to implement your DEI strategies in a smooth and timely manner that aligns with your change management philosophy.  Your business is a part of your community, and HueMax knows that your impact makes a difference.  

The difference is also felt in the way we promote, market and partner with others in order to increase the depth of our talent pool.  HueMax recruiters partner with local cultural, educational and professional associations to reach talent where they are.  By doing so, your company makes inroads that foster trust and inclusion in ways that a generic job posting can't.  Give us a call to broaden your talent pipeline.

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Short-term P​lacements

Contract placements of up to one year minus a day are backed by a term guarantee to ensure that the successful new employee completes 2/3 of the assignment.

Permanent Placements

This service plan benefits full-time permanent placements that are backed by a term guarantee to ensure that the successful new employee completes the 3-month probationary period.

Seasonal Placements

Multiple hires and seasonal onboarding sessions are managed by a placement package that saves your team time and money and ensures that your company is always highlighted as an employer of choice.

Working With the Best Employer Partners in Canada

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