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Diverse Workforce Solutions

Helping You Help Us

HueMax Recruitment is a full-service, Social Impact Recruitment Agency.  Our purpose is to make hiring a Black employee a smart and easy decision for local medium to large companies.  The talent has always existed, and now more than ever before, greater numbers of graduates and professionals of African ancestry are looking for increased responsibilities, challenging roles and more brilliant ways to excel.  

The time is now to attain the monumental dream of Dr. Martin Luther King head-on.  He dared to dream of a time when men and women would be judged by the content of their character.  To reach that goal, HueMax Recruitment presents employers with jobseekers from the very talented African Diaspora candidate pool to raise the profile that biases sought to undermine.  With a database of jobseekers, there is plenty of talent to choose from.   

Give us a call to discuss how we can help  your DEI goals.

LeRoy Briggs


The events of 2020 changed the world and accelerated my hope for real change.  For years, I observed the impacts of systemic racism in my community at large and against the Black community in particular.  


I saw first hand the disproportionate unemployment rate for Black jobseekers even as I sought to make an impact as a Career Counsellor & Developer.  


Now, after 20 years in the employment services sector, I knew I had the skills and expertise to create meaningful careers for racialized communities and the right network of like-minded corporations and associations to make it happen. 

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Ready for Better

 A preacher used a refrain that stuck with me, "'Good' is the enemy of 'Best'". It sums up the argument against apathy, complacency and the status-quo, while supporting the ideals of faith, innovation and stewardship. The HueMax motto "Ready for Better" is the statement of a people who have been oppressed while awaiting their opportunity to shine.  The talent is ready.  Employers are ready.  Huemax is ready.

Are you ready, for better

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